Future-proof the HR Function

04 Jul 23

The cost-cutting knives are out again.  While HR is still coming to grips with the implication of technological disruptions, the cost-cutting threat is even more existential.  How will HR survive further attrition?

As a HR Technology & Consulting business, People Resolutions work with clients across the spectrum from the poorly resourced to the top-heavy.  Where we see the biggest implosion is during the “changing of the guard”.  HR practitioners build up an array of private tools in the form of spread sheets that are used to bridge the gap between business processes and management reports.  When these key individuals resign, the fragile scaffolding often collapse.  Future-proofing an HR function requires the following minimum requirements.


HR System “real” Minimum Requirements

  • You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation: An HR system is only as good as the quality assurance process it enforces to keep master data current and accurate. Often buyers are excited by the “what” (fancy reports and business intelligence) – without interrogating the “how”.  While the “what” is important, it will collapse like a house of cards if the fundamental business processes (“how”) are not embedded in the system.  With HR Manage, data integrity forms an integral part of the system.
  • Change happens – all the time:  The world of work is turbulent.  A system must be able to handle changes rapidly.  Your HR System service provider must be able to prove that their system is geared to handle change through simple configuration and not depend on additional coding.
  • Simplicity:  HR processes can become complicated if left unchecked.  The difference between a master craftsman and the average Joe is how complicated they make things.  Look for a balance between simplicity on the end-user side but retain the ability to support the complexity of the real world of work (without making things complicated).
  • Don’t buy Software – buy into a Partnership: When you buy an HR system, you buy technology.  The thing with technology is that it becomes outdated very quickly and on the other hand, all Software Service Providers go to the same school.  What may impress you today in one solution will become standard practice a year or two later in all solutions.  Focus therefore on the partner.  Look at their track record.  It will outlast the solution.
  • The journey is the destination: The first thing a system must be able to do is to facilitate an uncharted implementation roadmap from the “as is” to the “to be” status.  If the system can only work once all the boxes are ticked, disaster is looming.  Implementation is not a linear process.



HR Manage has been around for since 2001.  It is the trusted partner for some of the most prestigious organisations in Southern Africa and beyond.  If you consider HR digitisation, HR Manage is the benchmark.

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