HR Manage Roadmap

Mar 1, 2024

Continuously In Development

HR Manage is constantly being developed and improved to stay up to date with the latest technology and incorporate best practices and client requests. Although we do plan our releases ahead and assign specific tasks and requests to specific versions, there are some some features that will still take a while and does not have any specific version number or release date linked to it. Some of these items can later be moved to specific target dates if orders for them are received. Our plans also change multiple times over the year as client priorities take precedence.

This page provides information on our short term goals (Current version in development) and long term goals.

2024 Roadmap

HR Manage Core System

We are in the process of implementing a new user interface framework that will drastically improve how HR Manage looks and works.  It will be more user friendly than ever and quicker to perform daily tasks.  The first phase will be rolled out in HR Manage 6.2.1 (Q1 2024) and the rest of the system will be upgraded throughout the rest of the year.

The web application is also due for a major upgrade to a new platform, but that process will only start towards the end of 2024.

Payroll Integration

The newly upgraded payroll importing module is working well with advanced functionality to interact with APIs from almost any payroll.  However, the APIs from the various payrolls differ widely in the way data is sent and received which means that configuration in our importer differs from payroll to payroll.  Starting with version 6.2.1, we’ve added a “wizard” to preconfigure the import template based on the payroll being used and preconfigured it with Sage 300 People, PaySpace and SimplePay.  The wizard will ask for the most basic details required by each API and then configure the data source accordingly.

We’ll add more payrolls as needed / requested via patches or subsequent releases.  Note that this wizard only apply for API integration.  Importing from other data sources (Excel, csv, SQL, etc.) continues working as before.

In 2024-Q2, we’ll add a new type of workflow activity that will be designed to specifically write data collected during a workflow, to the API of an external payroll.  This will essentially fully automate the onboarding process through workflows.


Reporting Platform

For 2024-Q2, we’re planning to replace our existing ActiveReports-based reporting platform with an entirely new platform that will make designing reports within HR Manage, easier and more visually appealing.  The new components will be able to have all the same flexibility as the old version plus more.  This move should make it easier for power users to design reports for use within HR Manage and the reports can be extended for use online as well.

In addition to the reporting platform, we’re planning to enable the use of Word and Excel templates that can be used for generating documents from HR Manage via mail merge.  Advanced reports like SETA and BBBEE reports that usually generate in Excel, now also displays directly within HR Manage from where it can be saved to Excel.

Workflow & Forms Module

We’ve made a lot of improvements for version 6.2.1 (2024-Q1) which includes the near-complete migration to the new UI framework for the Windows application.  The new designer allows you to visually group activities, add meta information to the workflow and export the designs to pdf which will greatly ease the process of properly documenting workflows.

The Windows application functionality has also (finally) been greatly extended where power users can view most of the workflow contents from within the application and even start or complete basic activities.

The new Overview / Summary functionality provides a birds eye view of the entire workflow where all form entries, tasklist tasks and requirements / attachments can be viewed from the main workflow page (web application) or window (Windows application).

For the Q3/Q4 release, we’re planning to introduce electronic pdf signing within the workflow module.  This will be an internal solution for HR Manage that won’t rely on 3rd party services which means that there won’t be a cost involved per document or envelope (except if sms integration is required). 

People Management Module

In 2024-Q2, we’ll be releasing the upgraded Disciplinary module and other upgrades to the new UI framework throughout the year.   We’ll also develop our Organisational Unit functionality further which would provide a backup for getting recipients in workflows where no linking exists.  (i.e. Specify default manager for employee based on location in cases where employee is not linked directly to a manager)

In Q4, we’ll look to release an OrgChart builder.  HR Manage already has the ability to generate organisational charts online, but they are all dynamically generated based on the links between people.  The new planned functionality will allow organisational charts to be saved (layout, meta information, etc.) which can then be exported to Pdf or as images.


Training Management Module

Our first release for the year will include new workflow-based functionality for managers requesting training for their sub-ordinates.  Training will be published in an online event calendar from where managers can submit requests. The system caters for approving / rejecting learners, generating of quotations and uploading of purchase orders.

While a lot of this module has already been upgraded to the new UI framework, subsequent releases later this year will see the rest of the module fully upgraded to the new framework.  The certification module will also migrate to using the new reporting platform which will make the printing of certificates available to the users and managers via the web application.