Performance Management System SA


We offer “off the shelve” web-based Performance Management Solutions, that can be customised to meet company specific demands. Successful performance management is equally dependent on a sound system as it is on the attitude, skill, and discipline of the users. For this reason we follow a holistic approach and do not only provide software, but can also provide expert support to implement and maintain the organisational change associated with the implementation of performance management.

The Performance Management software is flexible and can be set up to support the Balanced Scorecard principles (Norton & Kaplan) that are characterised by the following:

  • Individual performance objectives are linked with organisational – and business unit’s performance objectives
  • All the data is stored in a relational database – this allows the users to analyse the results not only on individual performance, but also on organisational and unit levels.

The HR Manage Performance Management System is an extensive Web and Windows based system for setting up and managing employee’s performance. Users will be able to log onto the system and see the current “status” of their performance / competence reviews and submit comments. A manager can log on and capture the performance ratings for individual team members. Results can be printed in various reports showing the real-time status of a company wide Performance Review.

The HR department can set policy and procedure in place while enforcing the sequence of tasks (e.g. a performance agreement must first be “signed off” by a manager and his/her team member before performance ratings can be captured.) with due dates and cut-off times.

Flexibility & Customisation

Instead of developing a system that support one or two formats for performance appraisals, we developed a generic system with endless customisation possibilities. Our Performance Appraisal software is extremely flexible and can be customised to support almost any performance appraisal or competence review structure and methodology. The layout of the review and settings like which type of weighting system to use, is configured in the Job Profiling module that is integrated with the Performance Management System.

Some of the functionality and behaviour that can be customised are:

  • Naming conventions used in the reviews and job profiles (Key Performance Areas, KPIs, Outcomes, etc.)
  • Weighting System & Rating Set
  • Structure, layout and behaviour of the review (e.g. How should scores be calculated and displayed)
  • Reviews can be split up into sections. Each can make up a percentage of the overall review which will influence the total (e.g. Performance Indicators = 70%, Company Values = 30%) or it can simply be used as a grouping feature with no influence on how the overall total is calculated
  • Documents can be attached to reviews which can contain evidence, scanned copy of signed document, etc.
  • Multiple reviewers per review including the ability to make some of those reviewers anonymous

Individual Performance Agreements

The foundation for any system that tracks individual performance is the individual goals or performance agreements. The components of these individual performance agreements (e.g. KPA’s, Performance Indicators or Performance Standards) are kept in a relational database with much more functionality than “dead” text. This methodology allows for example comparison between all individuals who had the same KPA (e.g. Customer Service). A report can be generated for all the individuals who were rated on “Customer Service” and comparisons can be drawn.

The system does however allow managers / employees to set up or change their own performance profiles (depending on company policy). When signing off on these agreements, the changed profile will be saved under the employee and the next review will be based on the customised profile instead of the generic job profile. Any changes made will not affect the generic job profiles.


Apart from tracking and monitoring any failures to comply with the performance cycle, the system can track and report scores per individual, team, department, branch etc. The Performance Report Wizard in HR Manage allows generating various reports in Excel with multiple filter and grouping options.

With these results a normal distribution curve can be drawn to identify the level of objectivity applied by managers.