Online Self-Service

Core Module

HR Manage Online is a core module which means that it is included with all distributions of HR Manage. There are no extra fees to have it installed or activated and it can be used by all employees or contractors. While it is possible for the HR Manage Administrators to manage login credentials for employees, our system is designed in such a way that employees can go and register themselves online and at the same time, link their HR Manage account to their Active Directory / Network account.

The features and modules that will be available for use online will be determined by which modules were purchased. I.e. if the Leave Module was purchased, all leave related functions will be available. If not, the whole module will be unavailable.
For more information about what functionality is available online for a specific module, check the “Online Functionality” section on the module page.

Summary of Features

Custom Theme

The complete colour scheme of the web application can be customised by designing a completely custom theme on our ThemeStudio site

Custom Home Page

The content that must be displayed on the home page after login can be customised by adding and organising Widgets. Widgets can contain anything from custom content, news, notices, mini organisational charts, etc.

Mobile Ready

The self service portal has been designed from scratch with mobile and tablet users in mind. The entire web application can be used on a smart phone, tablet or computer.

Browser Compatible

Compatible with almost all browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Apple Safari, etc.  Note that Internet Explorer has been depreciated and is no longer supported.

Powerful User Interface

The web application uses a Sidebar for quick navigation which contains some stats about each module and makes it possible to navigate to any page directly from wherever you are.

Quick Page Loads

HR Manage Online is optimised to only submit and retrieve sections of data on the page so that it doesn’t require the whole page to be reloaded after submitting data. This increases performance and improves load times for the users.

Overview of Functionality

The HR Manage Online self service portal brings all the various modules together for use by the end-user.  Here are some of the functionality available to end-users.

Personnel Management

  • View own file
  • Request changes to file
  • View sub-ordinates (limited access)
  • View compliance summary for sub-ordinates
  • View organisational chart
  • Contact HR

Leave / Time-off

  • View dashboard (balances, applications, etc.)
  • Apply for leave / time-off
  • Apply to sell leave (if enabled)
  • Upload supporting documents
  • Approve / Reject leave for others
  • Reports

Performance Reviews

  • Create / Start Reviews
  • Capture Ratings & Comments
  • Sign Off
  • Participate in 360 reviews
  • Modify review profile (if allowed)

Workflows & Incidents

  • Create a new workflow
  • Respond to workflow activities
  • List workflows & history
  • Complete forms, sign off activities, complete tasks and all other workflow activity related actions.
  • Report a new incident


  • View Overview Dashboard
  • View scheduled training
  • View training history
  • View global event calendar
  • Request training for sub-ordinates
  • Complete assigned tasks


  • View Published Documents
  • Update security profile
  • One-click login into e-Learning
  • One-click login into Time & Attendance