Frequently Asked Questions

Licensing Questions

What licensing options are available?

We have two licensing options available:  Our new subscription model that works on a monthly fee per person and the traditional option that charges an upfront cost for the software and implementation.

How does the subscription licensing model work?

This is a more cost effective option to get started with HR Manage and works on the same principle as other subscriptions like Microsoft 365.  We charge a small initial deposit that is payable before any work commences.  We then charge a monthly fee based on the number of active people loaded on the system.  The monthly fee is billable from the first month and includes the license fee, support and upgrades.  If the subscription is cancelled, then the license is also cancelled.

How does the traditional licensing model work?

We charge a once-off fee for the software, installation, implementation and training based on various factors.
We then enter into a maintenance agreement which includes fixes, support, any upgrades released and a discounted rate on custom development. Since HR Manage is continually being developed and improved, we release multiple upgrades throughout the year.

The client can cancel the maintenance agreement at any time at which point all support will be billed for at normal rates. The client can continue using the software but upgrading to a newer version will cost approx. 50%-100% of the original license cost (depending on how long ago the agreement was cancelled).

How are the costs calculated for the software?

For subscriptions, the cost is based on a fee per person per month.

For traditional licenses, we take various factors into account when creating a quotation which includes:

  • The number of people to be loaded on the system
  • Number of power users to use the system
  • Number of different branches / locations
  • Modules selected for implementation
  • Industry in which the client operates

Essentially we try and determine the complexity of the implementation which determines the price.

How much does additional users / people cost to add?

There will only be cost involved if we need to provide training for the new user(s).  For loading additional people on the system, the monthly fee will increase by the number of additional people multiplied by the rate per person per month.

Technical Questions

Why isn't everything web-based?

Our advantage comes from our powerful Windows application used by the power users and data capturers. HR Systems that are completely web-based are fine, especially for smaller businesses, but in terms of performance and usability, there isn’t a web-based HR system out there that can come close to HR Manage (even when HR Manage hosted in the cloud).

The fact is that there is not really a very good reason for the complete system to be web-based as there are only a very small percentage of users that will actually use the Windows application. Usually around 1% depending on the type of business. Everyone else will simply use the web functionality provided and we’re constantly expanding it and developing new online functions.

How is the Windows application distributed for power users?

We provide a setup package for the initial HR Manage installation that is preconfigured for the client.  Thereafter the client application is automatically updated whenever the server application is updated.  The automatic updates don’t require administrator rights and the updated files are downloaded directly from our server (or it can be configured to download directly from the client’s local intranet).

Are there any plans to enable the software to run on Linux?

Unfortunately no. We do provide a service where we can host the software and database, but the client computers that need to run the HR Manage application will still need Windows. Users / Employees who only access the online self-service portal does not need Windows though.

What are the system requirements for using HR Manage?

See our system requirements page here:

System Requirements