Support Centre

System Requirements

List of hardware and software requirements for servers and client computers in order to host / run HR Manage.

Support Portal & Knowledge Base

Support portal for HR Manage where knowledge base articles can be viewed and support tickets be created. 

Online Help

Online help documentation for the HR Manage System.  Note that this is the generic system documentation.  Refer to your custom documentation for specific policies and procedures.

Version History

Find release notes for all HR Manage versions released over the past 5 of years containing change logs for each release.


HR Manage Dependencies

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2

Required by all servers and computers that will be hosting or running the HR Manage software. For HR Manage v5.1 and newer:
4.7.2 Web Installer (1.4mb)    4.7.2 Offline Installer (82mb)

Web Application Dependencies

For web servers hosting the HR Manage Online application:
.NET Core 2.2 Runtime (142mb)
If the web application fails to start, download and install the following dependency:
Visual C++ 2015 Update 3 RC (14mb

Microsoft SQL Server

If your company doesn’t have Microsoft SQL Server, the free version can be downloaded from here. Note that the maximum database size is 10gb for this edition and the server is limited to a single processor.
We recommend using the latest SQL Server version available when possible.
2019 SSMS (539mb)   2019 Web Installer (6mb)


Free Utilities

PeopleRes Data Manager

Free utility to assist with managing and merging data from different sources. Useful for retrieving data for HR Manage from external sources.
v1.8 (12mb)  v2.0 (14mb)

PeopleRes Server Agent

Free utility to assist with scheduling general tasks on the server like backing up SQL databases, uploading / downloading files, executing scripts, etc. Can run as a Windows Service on the server or a tray application on a client computer.
Installer (10mb)

Contact Support

Send an email to our support department. Please include detailed information, screen prints, URLs, steps to reproduce issue and any other information that might help us analyse your issue

From the HR Manage Windows application, this process can be started from within HR Manage.  Whenever you have an error on screen, click the Send Error Information link to open a new email message with a support package file attached.  Then simply specify the exact steps you performed to get to the error and provide your contact details in the email.

In other instances where help is needed for a specific record (not error related), a Support Package can be generated from the screen which can then be sent to us with your problem described in the email.  This will reduce turnaround time so we can get to the exact record you’re working on.

For issues on HR Manage Online, be sure to copy the Support Code under the user panel on the page that you’re on and include it in the email.  In most cases, this will provide us with most of the information needed to analyse your issue.  Be sure to include exact steps for how to reproduce the issue.