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No code: all designed from within the system using standard functionality.

This is an unmodified screen print from HR Manage showing some of the features and types of activities available.


Design your own Business Process Workflows

Users can design their own workflows or partner with our experts to streamline and automate business processes (BPA workflows). With a range of activity types to choose from like Auto-fill forms, Sign Off’s, Questionnaires, Automated Decisions, Auto-fill Document (e.g. contracts) and many more, you are able to enforce business rules. Workflows provide the foundation for data integrity.

Workflow templates are designed through the windows application with a user-friendly graphic interface (drag and drop).

Typical processes that will benefit from a custom workflow:

  • On-boarding, Transfers, and Termination of employees
  • Change in Conditions of Employment
  • Change Request on Medical Aid Benefits
  • Request Assistance (Employee Assistance Program)
  • Request approval for Overtime Work
  • Automated UIF processing
  • Temporary Staff Movements
  • Covid Vaccine status Record keeping and Compliance Reports.
  • Incidents Reporting

Summary of Features

Design & Customisation

  • Build a library of Workflow Categories & Business Process Workflow Templates
  • Define security:  Who can create, who can access, who becomes owner once created, etc.
  • User friendly visual workflow designer.  No coding needed.
  • Reference Numbers:  Specify custom format and sequence number to generate for new workflows.
  • Define subscribers for Workflow Categories and Templates to keep key people in the loop that aren’t involved in the workflow.
  • Can be extended with custom developed plugins


  • Workflows & Activities are integrated with other HR Manage modules.
  • Works even where reporting structures are not in place.
  • Allows for custom defined fields to be captured upon creation
  • Allows for Special / Calculated fields that pulls through from other modules in HR Manage.
  • Initial Form:  Specify headings, text, questions or fields from record for capturing as part of creation.
  • Target person:  Specify who is the target person for a workflow and whether mandatory if prompted.


  • HR Manage helps with the workflow documenting process by providing both contextual guidelines in the designer as well as exporting functionality for incorporating into formal documentation.
  • Each Activity contains a Description field for documenting the activity
  • Text, shapes and images can be included on the workflow designer
  • Group containers can be created and activities placed inside for visually grouping activities together
  • Export workflow design to various formats:  Pdf, Svg, Jpg, Png
  • Design page layout, margins, etc. and print directly from HR Manage
  • See sample export here

Types of Workflow Activities

Core Activities

Sign Off (Approve / Reject)

Basic activity for approving or rejecting an action or premise.  Automatically splits and flows to a different “next activity” based on result.


Consists of multiple expressions that evaluates data captured earlier in the workflow and change the flow based on the result.

Complete a Form

Design custom forms consisting of Headings, Text, Questions and Fields from Records.  Forms can even be pre-populated.

Create Sub-Workflow

Creates a new sub-workflow from the current workflow.  Can be configured to run in parallel or to wait for the sub-workflow to complete before continuing.


Tasks can be created and assigned to individuals, progress tracked and workflow will continue once all tasks have been completed.  Tasks can either be preloaded from a template or created on-the-fly.

Reference Existing Workflow

It is also possible to link to another workflow and configure it to wait for the other workflow’s completion or to keep moving forward.

Activities integated with People Management module

Load Requirements

Load compliance requirements / documentation for an employee or entity directly in the workflow.  Track which user loaded which document and capture expiry information.

Save Requirements

Save / Copy the compliance requirements / documentation loaded during the workflow to a person’s compliance profile.

Generate Document

Use the information captured in the workflow to populate a document template using mail merge and store the resulting document as a Word or Pdf document.

Send Email to Group

Generate an email containing secure download links to uploaded documents that can be sent to a group of internal and external people (i.e. Send completed application to medical aid as part of onboarding)

Import from Workflow

Enables the workflow to act as a data source for the Importer.  The Importer can take the information captured in the workflow and use it to create records in HR Manage (i.e. employees).

Send to Payroll

Coming Soon.  Allows a standardised way of exporting data captured in the workflow to an external application without the need for custom plugins.

Activities integrated with Performance Management

Conduct a Review

A performance or competence review can be included as part of any workflow process based on any Review template configured in the Performance Management module.


A survey can be used to receive employee feedback or it can be customised to be used as a 360 degree review.  It is an extension of the Form activity so any type of content and questions can be included.

Activities integrated with the Training module

Create Training Records

Schedules the employee for a selection of training.  Can be used during onboarding for automatically scheduling the employee’s basic e-Learning training.

Training Request Action

This is a multi-purpose activity that performs various actions for use in Training Request workflows.  Features include:  Approving / Rejecting learners, Generating Quotations, Uploading Purchase Orders and Creating the Approved Training Requests in the system.

Extensibility and Advanced Integration

Plugin Workflow Activities

Where HR Manage doesn’t already support a function or where custom integration is required, we can develop custom plugin activities that can perform almost any function.

Examples of Plugin Activities

  • Connect to and retrieve information from SAP and display it in the workflow
  • Send data from the workflow to an external system and wait for feedback before continuing to the next activity in the workflow

Automated business processes is intelligent effort.

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